Grease Away Services

GREASE AWAY is in the business of making sure everything from kitchen cleanliness and maintenance to the exterior of your restaurant is 100% hassle-free.


We keep track of when you are due for your next service and offer friendly reminder calls. We also take photos and work with you to attain the perfect cleaning cycle. This ensures that your kitchen and exteriors are clean and that you do not pay for more cleanings than necessary.


We carry full comprehensive insurance to put your mind at ease and take pride in our ongoing dedication to safe and proven techniques. We are not satisfied with our cleaning services unless you are.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

We provide regular and complete maintenance of the exhaust system that will increase safety, provide the highest level of performance, and is cleaner for your staff.


Exhaust Motor Replacement

Kitchen equipment monitoring and maintenance is absolutely critical to ensure your kitchen is operating properly. Should the need arise, our certified personnel can replace your exhaust motor to ensure proper functioning.


Exhaust fan Belt Replacement

We offer a full detailed inspection of your commercial exhaust system and can replace your exhaust fan belt when necessary.

grease containment.jpeg

Grease Containment System

We offer a wide variety of grease containment solutions and services to create a comprehensive grease containment system to prevent grease buildup that can create a fire hazard or violate the EPA’s codes and standards.


Concrete and Sidewalk Cleaning

Our certified professionals use our state of the art equipment and environmentally safe processes to give you the best results for hard surface cleaning - including concrete, brick, and stone.

dumpster cleaning.jpeg

Dumpster and Trash area cleaning

We handle dumpster cleaning and dumpster pad cleaning so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive cleaning will keep away pests and insects that can carry disease and keep the exterior of your commercial space clean and sanitary.


graffiti removal

Graffiti can be unsightly and offensive to many commercial customers. At Grease Away, we pride ourselves in ensuring the exterior of your property is always clean and welcoming.


swamp cooler service and replacement

We provide very affordable prices and high quality expertise for all types of evaporative or swamp cooler installation, repair, cleaning, replacement, maintenance, inspection and more.