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Grease Away Supremacy - Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Updated: May 20, 2022

Kitchen exhaust hoods and duct systems can get blocked with dirt, carbon, and grease deposits if not maintained and cleaned frequently, resulting in inadequate and unsatisfactory hood performance and a greater fire risk.

However, since so much of the hood system is hidden, it can be challenging to grasp what happens in the design, when is the right time to clean it, and why exhaust hood cleaning is so crucial. The team of Grease Away Services would like to remind you how important it is to opt for frequent kitchen exhaust cleaning and conveyor oven cleaning services.

Hood Cleaning

In commercial kitchens, Exhaust hoods aim to capture oil, smoke, airborne grease, fumes, heat and steam before they can spread throughout your kitchen and then into your eatery. It is not satisfactory to install the kitchen hood equipment; it must be kept clean and constantly monitored! If the exhaust hood are not cleaned periodically to get rid of the flammable grease and other flammable particles, the kitchen hood may quickly become a fire hazard.

Grease and dirt accumulation inside the industrial kitchen hood systems can congeal and develop into a sticky, combustible glue-like material that might ignite with additional heat. This exposes your workers, visitors, assets, and your community at large to the risk of a fire.

The very first important benefit of cleaning your kitchen exhaust system is fire prevention. This protects you, your equipment as well as the people that use it. Your assets and customers will stay safe. A clean kitchen exhaust and kitchen ventilation system will give you a better airflow as a result increasing energy efficiency. If you regularly clean your hood system, the contaminated air in the working and dining environment of your facility will be eradicated, that will play a good role in keeping you from violating fire safety codes.

Conveyor Oven Cleaning

Conveyor ovens are an essential part of many industrial kitchens, yet they are sometimes disregarded when it comes to hygiene. However, keeping the conveyor oven tidy can considerably lessen the chance of fire, insures quality product and provides a good oven lifespan without wearing down as frequently. Furthermore, insurers will note, resulting in cheaper premiums due to lower liabilities and more optimal utilization.


We realize that exhaust hood cleaning and conveyor oven cleaning entail far more than cleaning the visible parts. Our licensed specialists follow a detailed procedure to guarantee that our service is done correctly. Grease Away Services has the expertise you can rely on. As we aim to give you the most outstanding service you have ever had, you will notice pricing and quality differences to provide the best results possible.

Grease Away is focused on operating and servicing its customers as efficiently and as effectively as possible in the provision of our kitchen exhaust services. Our employees are responsible for producing quality results in alignment with their responsibilities with the consistent supervision of the project manager.

Grease Away offers quality services by providing high quality degreasing services and reaching areas not visible or easily accessible in any project.

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