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Why Is Hood Cleaning Important for Your Business?

Commercial kitchens in the US must follow strict hygiene and safety protocols that include regular cleaning of exhaust systems. However, many overlook it as the grease trapped in the exhaust system is not visible. This seemingly small oversight can lead to major losses.

The Importance of Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the hood and exhaust system is vital for commercial kitchens. Here are some of the reasons why:

● To Reduce the Risk of Fires

The commercial food industry reports thousands of restaurant fires every year caused by the dirty hood and vent systems. And the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that each commercial kitchen fire costs $23,000 worth of losses on average.

If you don’t want your business to end up becoming a part of these statistics, clean the hood, duct, vents, filters, and the fan of your kitchen exhaust regularly. It is the single most effective method to reduce the risk of kitchen fire.

● To Keep Your Business Running

A dirty hood can land you in trouble with a health or fire inspector in case of an unscheduled visit. You could be fined or closed temporarily, which not only disrupts your business but will also negatively impact your reputation.

● To Maintain a Comfortable Working Environment

The dirtier a hood gets, the less effectively it works to remove odors and smoke from the kitchen. This creates an uncomfortable working environment for the staff and may also pose health risks.

The failure of the exhaust system to trap the odors and smoke effectively can also increase the risk of them passing out to the seating area, causing discomfort to the customers.

● To Increase the Life of the Exhaust System

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the easiest way to keep your kitchen exhaust system working at its best for a long time. Failure to do it makes it lose efficiency and become susceptible to developing faults.

● To Avoid Insurance Troubles

Failure to follow the required commercial kitchen hygiene and fire safety protocols can also land you in trouble with your insurance company in case a violation is reported or there’s a fire. You can experience a surge in premiums, lose coverage, or be denied a claim.

Maintain a Clean Hood and Exhaust System with Grease Away

Grease Away is a commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning service in Orange County, helping restaurants, bakeries, and other food establishments avoid kitchen fires and keep their businesses up and running by adhering to all safety and hygiene protocols. We offer hood cleaning, duct cleaning, and exhaust fan cleaning n Orange County and surrounding areas. Dial 844.234.2929 today to schedule a clean-up with us!

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