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Orange County Hood Cleaning Service

Busy commercial kitchens, like those in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools, need a kitchen hood system, according to building and fire safety laws. However, it is not enough to simply have a hood in your kitchen – you need to make sure the hood is cleaned and kept in good condition as well.

At Grease Away, we are committed to the efficiency and safety of your kitchens. We can help you perform kitchen hood cleaning and maintenance services in Orange County, Ventura County, Inland Empire, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and Victorville.

Grease Buildup in Hood

The kitchen hood is designed to trap grease, grime, and smoke and prevent them from lowering the air quality of your kitchen. However, it can become a firetrap if grease and oil are allowed to accumulate.

Over time, the kitchen hood will collect large deposits of grease, soot, and grime, which can turn into a tarry and incredibly flammable substance.

If an errant spark from the stove finds its way into the hood or the hood experiences high heat, there is a chance that the grease deposits will catch fire.

Why is It Important To Get Kitchen Hoods Cleaned in Orange County?

Do you know that cooking fires cause approximately one out of four fire-related deaths in Orange County? Many of these fires are due to a lack of cleaning or maintenance of kitchen equipment. Here’s why you need to employ a professional Orange County hood cleaning service.

Preventing Kitchen Fire

As we said before, without proper cleaning, inflammatory deposits can build up inside the hood. This can spark fires, which can burn chefs and destroy entire kitchens, and in the worst-case scenario, entire buildings. Therefore, hood cleaning is essential to prevent such disasters.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

A clogged kitchen hood will send back smoke, soot, and particulate matter back into the kitchen. This will reduce the indoor air quality and reduce the food quality as well, resulting in discomfort, pain, and health problems for the employees.

Increasing the Lifespan of the Equipment

A kitchen hood with grease buildup will stop working in a few years – what’s worse, the soot and smoke from the hood will also affect the other equipment throughout the kitchen, which will also stop working. A clean kitchen hood can last for decades as well as ensure that the other equipment is also working optimally.

Compliance with Fire Codes

Commercial kitchens are required by law to keep kitchen hoods clean and unblocked at all times. If a restaurant or commercial space has been found to have a dirty hood, it will face a heavy fine or may even be ordered to shut down.

Covered by Insurance

Insurance providers want restaurants and commercial spaces to comply with all fire safety codes. If a restaurant has violated a code like not keeping its hood clean, the insurance coverage will no longer be valid or the insurance provider will charge the space higher premiums.

Reduced Bills

If your commercial kitchen hood is not clean, it will have to overwork to do the same amount of work. This will mean more electricity consumption, and your energy bill will shoot sky-high. Therefore, regular cleaning of grime from the exhaust fans is important to ensure better airflow efficiency.

Get Orange County Cleaning Service Today

The accumulation of soot and debris on the kitchen hood is not just unsanitary and unsightly, it is also a major safety hazard. At Grease Away, we are on a mission to protect customers from the potential risks of kitchen hoods. We can perform all the major hood cleanup and maintenance work for you while you serve meals to the customers. Schedule a service today.

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