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Summertime kitchen Exhaust System Repairs and Installation

As summers approach, the weather in California is likely to become warm and dry. The average daily temperatures can soar up to 70°F and 100F and needless to say, it can become incredibly hot in the restaurant kitchen if you don’t have functional exhaust fans and evaporative coolers.

The kitchen of a restaurant is its heart. This is where delectable food is prepared, cooked, baked, boiled, and fried. A restaurant kitchen features hot ovens, countertops, multiple stoves, and other electronic machines to facilitate and speed up customer meal preparation.

As a food service operator, you know that without a fully working kitchen you are already in the weeds before the first order of the day comes in. When something as important as your exhaust fan system in your commercial kitchen is not functioning properly, it can not only disrupt service but also has the potential to become a health hazard due to potential monoxide poisoning as one of the key functions of the exhaust hood is to remove carbon monoxide from gas-operated cooking appliances.

Therefore, The bestway to avoid having your exhaust fan system fail at the most inopportune time is to do your best to take care of it, that means maintenance and proper preventive repairs; all of which takes time and a level of skill that your restaurant team might not possess.

A highly-functional exhaust fan in your restaurant kitchen during summers can benefit greatly. Here’s how:

Ensure Improved Air Quality

The stoves in the restaurant kitchen release toxic gasses, smoke, and fine particles, which should be removed from the air immediately. And that’s what exhaust fans do. They remove potentially odorous and toxic particles of combustion much needed to maintain high indoor air quality.

Maintain Cleanliness

Oils, grease, and fats are released into the air during cooking. They can settle on the kitchen countertops and cabinets if they are not removed. Failure to remove them from the air and maintain a clean kitchen can result in health code violations. However, this may not be an issue for those restaurant owners with well-maintained exhaust fans and evaporative coolers.

Ensure Temperature Regulation and Moisture Control

You can easily ensure an adequately ventilated kitchen with functional exhaust fans and swamp coolers. Temperature regulation is vital to ensure the staff works efficiently and comfortably. Meanwhile, temperature regulation also assists with moisture control which is crucial to having a clean and mold-free kitchen.

Signs your restaurant exhaust fan needs repairs,

  • The fan is slow to start, and in performance, one of the earliest signs of a mechanical issue.

  • Foul odor from the fans, if left untreated, your kitchen could develop odor and eventually expand into the dinning area

  • Moisture leaks, if your kitchen has a lot of smoke and steam

  • Excessively loud and weird noises (indicative of problems with the fan’s motor being overheated)

  • Loud buzzing and grinding sound

If you can identify any of these signs, contact us. We can assist you with everything from exhaust fan repair and installation, swamp cooler repair and installations to commercial cleaning services. At Grease Away, we ensure that everything from kitchen equipment maintenance and cleanliness is 100 percent hassle-free.

We can inspect your exhaust fans, provide quality repairs and custom exhaust fan and swamp coolers installations as needed, ensuring you are ready to cook fantastic meals for your customers with a smile and in a comfortable environment.

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