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The Importance of Exhaust Fans for Commercial Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart and soul of both a home and commercial establishments that revolve around food, such as restaurants. And to keep it functioning well and ensure the safety of those working there and customers, a kitchen needs an exhaust system. While there’s no legal code for exhaust fan installation in home kitchens, there are laws and regulations pertaining to commercial kitchens.

Effective ventilation is a legal requirement that commercial kitchen owners and operators must adhere to. If you’re new to the field and not sure why the law requires you to have an exhaust system installed in your commercial kitchen or what benefits it offers, here’s a quick starter guide for you…

Why Do Commercial Kitchens Need Exhaust Fans?

Exhaust fans can offer several benefits to commercial kitchens. Some of the greatest ones include:

Odor Control – The most obvious of an exhaust fan’s functions is that it removes odors from the kitchen, the buildup of which can make it uncomfortable for the staff to work there.

Temperature Regulation – Commercial kitchens can get really hot. An exhaust system can help prevent excessive heating by removing hot air from the kitchen.

Moisture Control – When an exhaust fan removes hot air from the kitchen, it doesn’t just help bring the temperature down but also controls moisture. Warm air holds more moisture. If not removed, it will convert into tiny water droplets as the hot particles cool down, increasing humidity. High moisture levels in an area can also lead to mold and mildew growth, damage wooden cabinets and metallic equipment, and make food items go bad quicker. A high-quality commercial exhaust fan can avoid it all by effectively removing moisture from the kitchen.

Air Quality Maintenance – In addition to heat and smell, kitchen exhaust fans also help remove dust, debris, and the toxic gases, fumes, and ultra-fine particles that are released into the air from the continuous burning of stoves and ovens. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that exhaust fans help improve/maintain the air quality in a commercial kitchen.

Improved Cleanliness – This is probably the least-known or most overlooked benefit of an exhaust fan. Cooking releases a lot of food particles, oils, and fats into the air, which, if not removed, can settle on various kitchen surfaces, causing grease buildup. This not only makes the kitchen dirty but you could also be held accountable for health code violations for the lack of cleanliness in your commercial kitchen.

Avail the Best Commercial Exhaust Fan Installation Services in Orange County

Grease Away offers a range of commercial kitchen exhaust system services, including installation, repair, cleaning, and maintenance. With a team of experienced professionals on board, we guarantee to provide the best services and a seamless experience. Our commercial exhaust fan installation services include:

  • Exhaust fan access panel installation

  • Exhaust fan hinge kit installation

  • Exhaust fan belt installation

  • Exhaust fan bearing installation

  • Makeup fan motor installation

  • Custom exhaust fan installations

Dial 844-234-2929 to avail the best commercial exhaust system installation services in Orange County.

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