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Protect Your Employees from Kitchen Grease Fires

Adopting efficient fire protection should be at the top of your priorities list if you run a restaurant or any catering business with a commercial kitchen. Equipping your commercial kitchen with Class K fire extinguishers that fight Class K fires produced by grease and other devices that detect and extinguish fire automatically is essential and required by the different standards governing fire safety. But besides having these fire protection systems in place, you can prevent your restaurant employees from grease fires by regularly cleaning the hoods and exhaust ducts.

Here's how:

Prevent Kitchen Grease Fires by Cleaning the Hood and Ductwork

Professional hood installations are there to absorb odors and fumes. So that's where the fat is most present in your kitchen. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to maintain a clean and efficient hood. Otherwise, it becomes clogged with grease and dirt buildups leading to an increased fire risk.

How Kitchen Grease Increases the Risk of Fire?

Smoke, oil, and grease are captured in hood filters before entering the ventilation system and into your kitchen and keep accumulating in the ducts in the form of a sticky substance that is extremely flammable. An uncleaned, clogged hood thus becomes a potential fire hazard that, when received enough heat, can ignite, putting your employees and customers at risk.

This explains the importance of properly cleaning and maintaining the hood and ductwork. The presence of bad odors in your kitchen is a sign that your hood is clogged and that you need to call on a company specializing in the field.

Regulations regarding the cleaning of hood filters are strict. They must absorb as many greasy particles and dust from the air flows as possible and thus:

● Keep fans running smoothly

● Limit duct fouling

● Reduce the risk of fire spreading

Why Hire a Professional?

The best is to hire a professional cleaning service for a commercial kitchen as it ensures:

● cleaning of the hard-to-access, hard-to-reach areas

● the use of best practices and cleaning technology

● cleaning and sweeping of the entire up-blast fan and ductwork using a foaming degreaser

● further cleaning of the hood and ductwork through scraping or chiseling out following a foaming degreaser

● cleaning of the filter gutter

● cleaning exhaust fan for the optimization of air treatment settings

● the installation, repair, and maintenance of the exhaust hood and the entire ductwork

In addition to significantly reducing the risk of grease fires and increasing the safety of your employees and customers, a cleaned and well-maintained ventilation system offers comfort to them, sucking up all cooking odors and offering good air quality.

If you are looking for a comprehensive 100% hassle-free kitchen cleaning service in Southern California, that takes care of everything from the cleaning, repair, and installation of your kitchen exhaust system or swamp/evaporative cooler to the maintenance of your restaurant's exterior, Grease Away Services is the solution for you!

Grease Away Services offers comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services to ensure optimal cleaning in restaurants protecting them from the potential dangers of kitchen grease fires.

Grease Away is involved in commercial exhaust kitchen cleaning, installation, and repairs. Before each intervention, the staff takes a reading of your installation to offer you a tailor-made service. During these interventions, the technicians use a suitable foam degreaser and the best practices up to the industry standards.

Call 844.234.2929 or visit the website for more information!

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