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Safety in Hospital Commercial Kitchens

Supervising commercial kitchens is challenging enough, throw in the added difficulty of a healthcare venue, and you’ll find yourself walking on eggshells. The question is, how do you keep a hospital commercial kitchen safe when it is exposed to deadly infections and diseases on all fronts?

Sure, the hospital staff will do their due diligence and follow safety protocols, but when you are responsible for the safety of your kitchen staff and the people you serve, you need to meet the related challenges head-on.

Safety in Hospital Commercial Kitchens and Cleaning

Keeping your kitchen clean is a no-brainer if you want to avoid bacterial propagation and reduce the risk of food poisoning. Your kitchen staff should adopt the basic hygiene protocols, like cleaning countertops and equipment as they go, as habits. There is no excuse for not cleaning your utensils after you use them and throwing away the leftovers and grease residual immediately.

Garbage disposals and sinks bear the burnt of all kinds of cleaning in a commercial kitchen. Everything nasty and undesirable is either drained out of the sink or tossed away in the garbage disposals without caring for any long-term consequences. Grease buildups in the sinks can lead to elaborate plumbing issues and bad odor. It’s better to dispose of undegradable garbage and cooking residuals daily and through proper channels.

Still, some problems, like the following, need your sole attention.

1. Dealing With Grease Buildups

Grease buildups are a serious fire hazard because of their inflammable nature. The seemingly insignificant grease residue accumulates on your kitchen walls, floors, sinks, vents, and exhaust hoods year after year and becomes a mammoth of a problem. If not controlled, these buildups can cause your employees to trip and fall, leading to serious injuries.

2. Maintaining Exhaust Hoods & Vents

Commercial kitchens are isolated environments with heavy oil emissions and grease disposal. It is essential to clean your exhaust hoods and vents regularly to facilitate the unrestricted flow of clean air. Ensure the fans and filters in your exhaust hoods and vents are working properly, or else the continuous emission of steam and fog in the kitchen can lead to breathing and lung diseases.

3. Cleaning Conveyor Ovens

Just like grease buildups, a faulty oven in your commercial kitchen is an open fire hazard. You can give it a daily pat down, but eventually, it’ll need professional care to perform optimally.

Grease Away is exactly the help you need to ensure your hospital commercial kitchen is clean and safe. We offer cleaning services for exhaust hoods, conveyor ovens, repair services for swamp coolers, exhaust fans, motors, and plenty more. We use safe and proven techniques to clean your commercial kitchen and offer free consultation on-site inspection. Grease Away has made commercial kitchen maintenance convenient, hassle-free, and accessible.

With Grease Away on your speed dial, you’ll never need to call any other repair service to deal with your faulty exhausts, vent cleanups, and grease buildups. The company believes in sharing your burden and making it easy for you to manage your commercial kitchen.

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