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Swamp Cooler Repairs & Installations for Commercial Kitchens in Orange County

Are your employees complaining about excessive heat in the kitchen? Or are your ingredients going bad faster than they should at room temperature? If so, chances are the swamp cooler in your commercial kitchen is not working properly, and you need to either repair it or install a new one.

How Do Swamp Coolers Work?

Swamp coolers work on the principle of evaporation cooling, a natural method your body uses to cool down after a dip. When the moisture on your body is evaporated from exposure to air, it leaves a cooling effect behind. This method of cooling is especially prevalent in areas with low humidity.

Unlike central conditioning, swamp coolers need natural air to produce cool air in their environment. They use warm air to evaporate the water steeped in their pads, mimicking the evaporative cooling effect. Additionally, they are energy efficient, cheap, and eco-friendly in design compared to other cooling devices.

Commercial kitchens owners habitually use swamp coolers to moderate the temperature in their environment. An air conditioner with no exhaust venue hardly makes any sense in an area always sizzling and bubbling with oil particles and steam. Because of its hot and dry weather, commercial kitchens in Orange County should have no problem using swamp coolers.

Common Swamp Cooler Repairs

Despite being called a swamp cooler, the device is hardly suitable for regulating the temperature of a swamp. Unfortunately, there is no context to its nomenclature save for the smell it permeates after not being maintained for long periods.

Here are some swamp cooler problems you might run into after continuous use:

  • Restricted Air Flow: Insufficient power supply and poor exhaust performance can lead to low or no airflow in swamp coolers.

  • Lack of Cold Air: Dry water pads influence the cold air output in swamp coolers. In the worst-case scenario, it starts blowing warm instead of cold air.

  • Producing Odd Odors: When the water pans in swamp coolers are not cleaned regularly, it leads to bacterial and algae propagation. Left unchecked, these microbial colonies give off sour odors, making it impossible for your employees to work in your commercial kitchen.

  • Blown Fuse & Pump: Swamp coolers are not mechanically complicated as air conditioners, but when you hear a low hum from its motor, the problem may lie in its fuse and pump.

  • Faulty Water Reservoirs: If you are filling in your water reservoirs more often than you should, your water pads may be leaking and need immediate replacement.

  • Corrosion: Leaking water and uncleaned exhaust eventually leads to corrosion, affecting your swamp cooler’s optimal functionality.

Grease Away provides solutions for all the problems mentioned above and then some. Our team knows the geometry of a swamp cooler inside out and has helped commercial kitchens across industries in their exhaust upkeep.

Whether a faulty water reservoir or blown motor fuse, Grease Away is the go-to company for swamp cooler repairs and installations for commercial kitchens in Orange County. Leave the hassle to us and focus on cooking the delicious delectable for your audience.

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